Yoga For Alex

Celebrating Life Through Yoga

On May 24, 2016, Alexander Kelston – a son, brother, friend, classmate, confidant, and much more to many people – took his own life after a long battle with depression. On what would have been Alex’s 32nd birthday – his sister Lauren coordinated yoga classes hosted around the world in Alex's memory. All proceeds went to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

The Challenge

Unending Victory Of Spirit

To design a logo mark that would embody the life of Alex Kelston through the loving lens of his sister's yoga practice was no small task. I chose to focus on the lotus flower as a symbol of rebirth and victory of spirit.

There is a fluidity to all flowers. The lotus in particular also has some pretty rad symmetry going for it.

I set out on finding a way to construct the contours of the lotus design with a single continuous stroke. My goal was to accomplish the same effect as the classic infinity symbol. It was important that when looking at the logo mark, that it would be joyfully difficult to find where 'it' starts or ends.

The colors used in the logo mark needed to be vibrant and full of life, but not flashy. The logo still needed to hold some strength and remain grounded. The full spectrum of color was used as a nod to the brand's LGBT support but also as a symbol of a unique spirit.

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