White Bronco

Branding A DJ Duo

White Bronco is a DJ duo based out of New York that specializes in stitching together EDM with splashes of rock (and sometimes metal). They also enjoy references to the OJ Simpson trial.

The Logo

Capturing Musical Energy In Design

The logo needed to be direct, to the point and legible on a show flyer at quick glance. It was also important to be able to convey the same level of energy that the DJ team outputs into their mixes and shows.

The handwritten type and exaggerated bolt worked well to convey the raw genre-bending musical style of White Bronco. Compositionally, the angle of the text and motion of the bolt as it reaches out and up help communicate the team's musical energy.

Album Artwork

Exploiting The Zeitgeist

The album artwork for the three separate DJ mixes took on the names and visual themes of different pieces of the same zeitgeist White Bronco's name came from. 'The Must Acquit Mix', 'The Ito Mix', and 'The Houseguest Mix' respectively.

The creative decision was to go with a singular graphic image for each piece. One that would be appropriate for each of the individual mix names.

The Ito Mix

My personal favorite. The crossed blade and gavel interacting with the typography plays with depth in a rad way.

Halloween Set Poster

Like A Set Out Of Hell

When we decided to team up to design a poster for their Halloween show, I was stoked. I knew they liked singular and highly stylized graphic design. That, paired with my affinity for skulls, got my gears turning.

I knew that, like all other album artwork before this piece, there was no time or money for a photoshoot. Also the case for all the pieces, there was no need. I knew the style of design I approached White Bronco with using for their album artwork (as well as this piece) lends itself to leaning into photo-manipulation from sourced assets. I started digging. 

The composition of the poster came together relatively quickly after sourcing the assets. Meticulous time, however, was taken in creating all the right light effects and interactions between light, fire and skull. Adding a geometric design element to the art brought it back (albeit loosely) into the realm of having a more EDM feel to it.

Using hand lettering and playing with the color balance in the shadows, I went for a classic horror movie poster polish.

The final poster artwork follows through on the promise of an eye-catching singular image that encapsulates the energy and unapologetic vibe the halloween show and DJ team itself always delivers.

🤘 Thanks for stopping by.