Oakley Snow

High Tech For Low Temps

In the Fall of 2016, Oakley introduced a new line of snow-focused product including the MOD Helmet - Oakley's entrance into the sport performance safety helmet market.

The Challenge

Roll Out A Campaign In Phases

The MOD helmet line was the first launch of a phased approach to revealing Oakley's Snow Collection for Fall 2016. Product design and manufacturing timelines mapped out a rigid product launch schedule that required strategizing a digital launch plan to appropriately inform consumers and build the collection from helmets out to the full line.

The full line consisted of the helmets, the new anti-fog goggle technology Inferno, and a new line of apparel and accessories.

A series of brochure pages were developed to display the entirety of the collection - mainly focused on the MOD helmet and Inferno goggle technology. These pages needed to be as informative as they were experiential. I strategized and designed feature interactions that would ideally give the user the same experience of the product as if they were holding it in their own hands.

Specific product angles needed to be shot to work for all of the feature highlight components designed.

MOD Helmet Site

A Modular Helmet Designed For Comfort

Snow helmets can be cumbersome, annoying, and imperfectly integrated with other gear - namely goggles. Oakley had the distinct advantage of being a premiere snow goggle innovator. The helmet was designed with a modular brim system allowing the brim to be switched out depending on the size of goggle worn. This system would allow a seamless joining of the goggle and helmet - thus letting air flow continuously through your whole setup; keeping your head cool and your goggles fog-free.

Illustrating the swappable brims was crucial. I used CSS animations and Javascript to create an interactive version of the helmet, allowing the user to switch between any of Oakley's snow goggles and see how the large or small brim would create the seamless seal between helmet and goggle.

Inferno Site

Technology To Combat The Elements

As advanced as goggle (and helmet) engineering can be, there's no avoiding the fogging up of your goggles on the mountain. From body heat to changes in temperature, there are many reasons goggles fog.

The Inferno goggle technology is a small battery powered unit attached to the goggle strap that integrates with specific Oakley goggle lenses to de-fog your view. Much like the defroster in your car. With the tap of a button you can engage the defogging action for just a quick blast or for the whole run down the hill.

Scroll-triggered animations were used to walk the user through product feature sets.

Utilizing CSS transitions, SVG drawing animations, and scroll-triggered Javascript functionality, I built the experience as a scrolling walkthrough of the Inferno technology. It's a simple feature with a lot of tech. The idea was to focus on how easy and lightweight the unit is instead of getting bogged down in tech and engineering.

The Oakley Snow project was rad. It was something I was given the privilege of owning from start to finish. From launch plan, to wireframe, to final deployment - every piece was overseen by me. It allowed me to maintain control and accomplish the three phased launch in a compressed timeline successfully.

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