Golden Dot Events

Launching Into A Subjective Space

Orange County-based event planner Golden Dot Events approached me to help launch their company with branding and website design.

The Challenge

The Fine Line Between Modern and Traditional

When Golden Dot Events and I first started talking, it became clear that there was a unique challenge to branding their company. The world of event planning has a wide range of styles and is steeped in subjectivity by it's nature. An event planning brand needs to make sure that their aesthetic appeals to a wide range of tastes and styles.

After rounds of style explorations, a modern handwritten typeface with simple but rustic embellishments was what felt right.

I wanted the logo to be simple enough that it would not sway the perception of Golden Dot's approach to designing events, but also to be able to convey character. The rest of the deliverables followed suit.

Using enough white space to let everything breathe and keep the slate clean - so to speak - to allow potential costumers to feel relaxed and comfortable about Golden Dot's ability to see their vision. Embellishments of gold foil in printed pieces and dot-centric designs in digital allowed me to convey vibe and character without being too heavy-handed.

We built the site on the WordPress CMS platform as to allow ease of on boarding with the client's level familiarity with the platform. All front-end development was hand coded.


Successful Branding Leads To Successful Business

In the end, Golden Dot Events was extremely pleased with how their vision for their company became reality. Their business launched successfully and has been thriving ever since.

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